Use cases of automation

Discover the main use cases for automating Yousign thanks to our Zapier integration.

What are the main use cases with Zapier?

To give you a few concrete examples and give you an idea of how integration with Zapier can be used with eSignature, here are some of the most common examples used by our customers.

πŸ’‘ Click on the links in each of the following sections, you can go straight to a explanation page proposed by Zapier or a pre-filled Zap to help you automate like a hero. For faster access to pre-filled Zap, make sure you are already logged in to your Zapier account.

☁️ Automate the transfer of signed documents


Send my signed documents & audit trails to my preferred storage location

You can automate the transfer of your signed documents and corresponding audit trails automatically to your preferred storage area. In this way, all your employees can access signed documents from their business tools.

Example of possible integrations with Zapier:

πŸ“‘ Automate the updating of your monitoring and reporting files


Update my data effortlessly in real time

Thanks to Zapier, you can update your spreadsheets or databases to monitor your business with real-time information from Yousign. For example, you can update the status of a signature request automatically in your tool and add the signatories' details for very instant access.

Example of possible integrations with Zapier:

πŸ“± Automate the receipt of notifications from your favourite tools


Never miss a single Yousign notification

Keep an eye on your signatures by sending notifications directly to your favourite channels. It's child's play to send your notifications in Slack, Microsoft Teams or even by SMS or WhatsApp.

Example of possible integrations with Zapier:

As you can see, Zapier can be used in a wide variety of ways. There are many other possible examples, including CRM and payment solutions πŸ™Œ.

Here's a video presentation by Shubham Sharma, πŸ‡«πŸ‡· french automation specialist and Youtuber, showing some use cases for Yousign with Zapier (if you want to save time, the section dedicated to Zapier is available towards the end of the video 🍿):

What’s Next

Now that you've seen the full potential of Zapier, let's get down to business by creating your first Zap.