Audit trail

What is an Audit Trail?

For each completed signature, Yousign guarantees the secure storage and traceability of all the information linked to the request, gathered in the Audit Trail.

The Audit Trail, generated for each signer and stored securely for 10 years (with our electronic legal archiving system in partnership with Arkhineo), contains all the information related to the Signature Request of a document.


How can I retrieve the Audit Trail?

The Audit Trail is available once a Signer signs a document. The best way to retrieve the Audit Trail is to subscribe to the signer.done event on our Webhooks.

You can also wait for one Signature Request to be completed (all the Signers have signed) and subscribe to the signature_request.done event to download all the Audit Trails at once.

Download the Audit Trail in PDF

GET signature_requests/{{signatureRequestId}}/signers/{{signerId}}/audit_trails/download (see Reference here)

Get a JSON version of the Audit Trail

GET signature_requests/{{signatureRequestId}}/signers/{{signerId}}/audit_trails (see Reference here)