Signer Document Requests

What are Signer Document Requests?

Signer Document Requests enable you to collect documents from your Signers during their signature process. A document upload step will then be added after the Document review / Fields completion step. This is useful for example in the case of onboarding flows, when you want to collect banking or residence documents from Signers.

This feature is available as of the PRO Plan and above.

You can request up to 10 documents in total. Each Document Request can be associated with one or more Signers. Just like Text Fields, Document Requests can be either required or optional for the Signers.

Signers can upload any documents in PDF, JPG and PNG format. The maximum allowed size is 25Mo.

How to add Signer Document Requests to your Signature Requests?

To add Signer Document Requests to your Signature Request, first make sure that you have Signers already linked to the Signature Request. Indeed, each Signer Document Request must be associated with at least one Signer.

You can then use the Signer Document Requests creation endpoint to enable this feature on your Signature Request.

How to retrieve Signer Documents?

Each document uploaded by Signers is converted to PDF by default and stored securely in our European data centers. This PDF is then signed by the Signer to guarantee its integrity. As a result, the uploaded documents will also appear in the Audit Trail associated with the Signer.

When Signers download their signed documents after signature, the archive will also include the documents that they uploaded. Other actors do not get access to the documents (other Signers, Approvers, Followers).

To retrieve uploaded documents from the API, use these 2 endpoints:

How to delete Signer Documents?

Given the potential sensitivity of documents uploaded by Signers, we provide an endpoint to delete them. Deletion will target all documents uploaded by a specific Signer for a specific Signature Request. Deletion is possible as soon as the Signer has reached the signed status.

Please note that there is no automated deletion policy in place, so it is your responsibility to delete sensitive documents after upload if necessary.