To help you create even better integration with our API, we have added 3 new Webhook events:

  1. signature_request.deleted to be notified when a Signature Request is deleted.
  2. signature_request.canceledto be notified when a Signature Request is canceled.
  3. signature_request.reactivatedto be notified when an expired Signature Request is reactivated.

Please consult our dedicated guide to learn more about Webhooks.

It's now possible to trigger actions when a signature is completed on iFrame integration.

We provide a new method onSignatureDone() on our latest iFrame SDK version (1.6.0).

This is the preferred moment if you want to download the complete document with all signatures.

For more details about how to use it, please check the iFrame SDK reference.

πŸ”— It’s now possible to set a custom URL to which the signer will be redirected if they decline the signature.

It can be configured:

  • At Signer level in the Signer creation endpoint POST/signature_requests/{id}/signers (see API reference).
  • In the Custom Experience; either in the web app or via API in the Custom Experience creation endpoint POST/custom_experiences (see API reference).

Learn more about how to redirect a Signer at the end of the signing flow here.


What is Salesforce ?

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). It makes it easier for companies to find more prospects, close more deals, and connect with customers so they can provide them with appropriate service at scale.

To ease Yousign's API integration within Salesforce we released a Toolbox for Salesforce!

This toolbox provides plug & play functionalities, code samples and documentation. You have access to the source code and metadata to customize it to your needs if necessary. As such, you are able to avoid the troubles of technical constraints and focus on customizing the integration to your business processes.

For more details on how to install this toolbox in your organization, refer to our Getting Started guide.

It is now possible to retrieve the decline information in the payload with a GET /signature_requests/{id}

You will have the information on:

  • The Signer who declined
  • The reason for the decline
  • The date and time of the decline

Please find more details about the response of the endpoint on the API reference.


What is a Read-Only Text Field?

Read-Only Text Fields allow you to add text on a document that won't be editable by any of the recipients. It's a way to quickly edit the document before sending it for signature.

✏️ Those Read-Only Text Field can be let empty on a Template

Those fields will have to be populated when a new request is created from the Template. This feature is particularly useful when certain document details, such as prices or terms, need to be customised for each request.

These empty Read-Only Text Fields should be populated with the required text in the payload of the Signature Request initiation endpoint POST /signature_requests (see API reference).

For more details on how to use empty Read-Only Text Fields in your templates, refer to our guide section.