What is a Signer?

The Signer is the one who is going to perform the action to sign a Signature Request. A Signer is always associated with a Signature Request.

A Signature Request can be signed by one or many Signers. The status of a Signature Request is done once all Signers have signed the document.

All the endpoints available to manage Signers can be found in our API Reference.

How can I add Signers to my Signature Request?

Signers have to be added while creating the Signature Request or can be added once the Signature Request has been created if it is still in Draft status, details can be found here.

Signers may come from different sources

A Signer can be:
1) Created from scratch by giving the first name, the last name, the email and phone number
2) A Contact previously added to your Contact list.
3) A user of your account who has access to Yousign's application

Delivery mode of the Signature Request to the stakeholders

Each Signer can sign the Signature Request through a unique link. Depending on the delivery_mode configured for the Signature Request, this link will be sent to each one of them by email or returned in response to the Signature Request activation call. For more information about the Signature Request activation call, take a look at this page.

Here are the different Signer's status

initiatedThe Signer has been added to a Signature Request and is waiting to be notified to sign.
notifiedThe Signer has been notified to sign. A Magic Link has been sent or can be retrieved.
verifiedDepending on the authentication level, this status can be set once the Signer's identity has been verified.
consent_givenDepending on the authentication level, the Signer's identity has been verified (Yousign gave its consent), the Signer can sign the Signature Request.
processingThe Signer is able to sign the document thanks to the slider and Yousign is processing its signature to the document.
declinedThe signer declined to sign the Signature Request.
signedYousign internal process is successful and the signature has been created on the document.
abortedThe Signature Request has been cancelled due to a signature error.
errorAn internal error occurred during signature creation on the document.

You can retrieve the audit trail for a specific Signer

The Signer's audit trail can be retrieved for a specific Signature Request. You can use the endpoint GET /signature_requests/{signatureRequestId}/signers/{signerId}/audit_trails.

A .pdf file with the audit trail can also be downloaded.