Frequently asked questions

Is there a service interruption during the migration?There is no service interruption. There is at least the V2, the V3 or both activated at some point during the migration process. A soft release is possible.
My software is both in the cloud and in on a promise, is it possible to do the migration in several steps?At some point during the migration, you will have access to both V2 and V3 in production, so you will have some time to update the code everywhere Yousign’s API is used.
What about the ongoing procedures at the time of migration?The ongoing procedures will continue to be active and it will be possible to sign them.
Are there any extra costs in switching to the V3 version?Switching to the V3 is totally free and no there is no additional cost.
Will it change the user experience for my end users?Thanks to the V3 version, your end users will have access to a better signing experience: smoother, more modern, and faster.
What will happen to the ongoing and completed V2 procedures?- The ongoing procedures will stay on the V2 until they are signed or expired. Then, they will be migrated to the V3 account.
- The completed procedures will be automatically migrated to the V3.
- We have a migration limit of 100 000 procedures. An archive containing all the procedures will be available for migrated customers with more than 100 000.
How will we be able to access the completed V2 procedures to make the documents available to our customers?V2 procedures will be migrated to the V3 within the 100 000 limits.
The links to access the finished procedures won’t change so your customers and users will be able to access their procedures as usual.