Migrating from Webhooks V2 to V3

Different philosophy

Webhooks on V2 are set up per SR whereas in V3 there is a limited number of Webhooks per organization (5 in the app, 5 in the API). It is based on global events and related to what is happening in all the organization.

⇒ The implementation is different to meet best practices and market standards

Is it possible to create custom header X-Custom-Header from V2 into V3?

  • On v2, it is mainly used to add client_id and the API key or bearer token
  • We don't want to leave this usage of putting all the info in the header but there are other solutions:
    • For the authentification, it is not secured to put these info in the header. And with the hashmac, we answer this need
    • For the client_id, there is the external_id which allows to put the client recognition

Are the events the same?

We don't have strictly the same events to listen:

v2v3Use case
- A specific Signer can now sign
- An approver gets the information that the signature request needs its approval
- A specific Signer has completed its Signature Request
- An approver approved the signature request
reminder.executedsignature_request.reminder_executedAn manual or automatic reminder has been sent
procedure.startedsignature_request.activatedA Signature Request has been activated
procedure.finishedsignature_request.doneA Signature Request has been completed, all the Signers have signed
procedure.expiredsignature_request.expiredA Signature Request has expired
procedure.createdN/ANo use detected in v3 as we now have the feature to follow the overall consumption
No possibility to reject a SR in V3.
procedure.deletedN/ANot available in V3
procedure.errorN/ANot available in V3
comment.createdN/AThis feature doesn't exist on the V3
server_stamp.finishedelectronic_seal.doneElectronic seal successfully created
server_stamp.errorelectronic_seal.errorElectronic seal could not be created because of an error