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YoanDev tested the integration of the API thanks to Symfony

Staffelio utilise l'API Yousign pour accélérer la gestion contractuelle des remplacements

🤯 Before Yousign: a waste of time for health and social care institutions that had to manage the contractual processes for replacing nursing staff manually. Contracts were regularly signed late and sometimes even missing a signature.
Thanks to the integration of the Yousign API, their customers are "able to manage the whole replacement and reinforcement part from their planning. This is a real revolution". 🚀

Discover the use case of Alfonso

After using the web application for a few months, they decided to take the next step and automate their entire hiring process by integrating the Yousign API with their CRM.

The integration allowed them to collect data on potential hires and enter it directly into their recruitment software, which then automatically generated an employment contract and sent it to the new hire for signature.

Artis : go beyond the limits of paper!

🤯 Before Yousign :

"We sent the proposal by e-mail and agreed with the client. Then he had to print, stamp, initial, scan and send the document back."

ARTIS was looking for an electronic signature solution to integrate into their ERP.

"The Yousign technology is very advanced, it was very easy for us to integrate it" 🚀

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