Follow Electronic Seal status

The Electronic Seal has a very simple lifecycle, and consists of a few statuses for which Webhooks can be sent. Webhooks are the best way to know when to download Sealed documents or retrieve Audit Trail.

Electronic Seal's statuses

Status summary

pendingSeal creation request received, processing will start shortly
processingSeal is being processed
doneSeal processed successfully
errorSeal processing failed

Electronic Seal flow

Use Webhooks to monitor status changes

Webhooks are the best option to monitor a Seal status as you can be alerted as soon as an event occurs about the Electronic Seal. This mechanism is detailed in this dedicated section.

You can be notified of status changes by listening to these events :

electronic_seal.doneSeal processed successfully
electronic_seal.errorSeal processing failed

Here is a sample payload for a Webhook event related to an Electronic Seal:

  "event_id": "f8f5f331-0e45-455f-91be-eba052a71649",
  "event_name": "electronic_seal.done",
  "event_time": "1705921843",
  "subscription_id": "ID_OF_WEBHOOK_SUBSCRIPTION",
  "subscription_description": "My Webhook description",
  "sandbox": false,
  "data": {
    "electronic_seal": {
      "id": "d4c48987-35c8-414c-b98f-7dc74f448052",
      "status": "done",
      "signature_level": "electronic_signature",
      "created_at": "2024-01-22T11:10:36+00:00",
      "external_id": null,
      "timestamp": false,
      "document_id": "6378e829-41bb-42d5-87dc-d5d2f2f24b4c",
      "image_id": "f91ba743-e61d-462a-8616-3d77e2d1bfc8"