What is a Follower?

A Follower is a person with no action to take on the signature request (neither a Signer nor an Approver) who wishes to be notified by email when an event occurs on the Signature Request.

All the endpoints available to manage Followers can be found in our API Reference.

How can I add a follower to my Signature Request?

A Follower can be added to a Signature Request with this endpoint.
You cannot add a Follower to a Signature Request if its status is: cancelled.
A maximum of 10 Followers can be added to a Signature Request.

When is a Follower notified?

A Follower will be notified when:

  • The Follower is added to a sent Signature Request
  • The Signature Request is activated
  • The Signature Request is approved
  • Request is rejected
  • Request is signed (partially)
  • Request is done (fully signed)
  • Request is cancelled
  • Request is expired

Custom Follower notifications

Follower's notification settings can be overridden by setting up a Custom Experience. You will be able to choose which notifications are received by the Follower.


Those parameters can be set directly in the application in the Custom Experience menu

Followers can also be listed

Followers can be listed using the API. The endpoint details can be found here.

The follower_link is available in both endpoints List Followers and Add Followers

Please note that follower_link is:

  • null if the Signature Request is not activated
  • valued with the follower_link if the Signature Request is activated