Set up your account

Three steps and then you're ready!

To set up your account and be ready to send your first Signature Request, please follow these first three steps :

Step 1: Create a Yousign account

Step 2: Generate an API Key

Yousign API uses API keys to authenticate calls. You can manage them in your Developer Dashboard.

Add an API Key and select its environment (Sandbox or Production) and Permissions (Full-Access or Read-Only).

API Keys can only be created by users with an Admin or Owner role.

Full-AccessIf you want to create resources (Signature Request, Documents, etc) you need to use a full-access API key
Read-OnlyIf you only want to read existing resources you can use a read-only API key.


Most of the time you will need a "Full-Access" API Key. For example, this type of key is needed to create Signature Requests.

Once the API key is generated, you are ready to make your first API call and send your first Signature Request.


Your API key is secret and must not be shown publicly. Be careful not to share your keys in code repositories or in front-end source code.

In case of suspected key disclosure, you can revoke the key via your Yousign developer dashboard and regenerate a new key.

Step 3: Authentication

Your API key needs to be included in all API requests and allows you to make your first API call.

GET /signature_requests

curl --location --request GET '{baseUrl}/signature_requests \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {apiKey}' \


How to access the status of the API services?

The status and availability of Yousign services are available in real-time on this page:

You can check the availability of each service, day after day, over a 90-day history.

This page is the first step in case of malfunction and allows you to ensure the V3 API is available.
For the API, click "Yousign v3" and look at "API v3".