Add Fields to your Electronic Seal

Upon Sealing, you can add Fields to the Document. You can add up to 200 Fields to a Document, and there must always be one Field of type seal (see more on this type below).


Placing Fields in your Document

When you place Fields in your Document, you need to provide their page, width, height and coordinates (just like for Signature Fields). To help you with this, you can use our fields placing tool.
Note that smart anchors cannot be used for Electronic Seal Fields.

Fields of type seal


Fields of type seal can be represented by an Image printed on the Document. Configure the Image using the top-level image_id attribute in the seal payload. If you do not want any Image, omit the image_id Field, and pass values of 1 for all page, height, width, x and y attributes.

You can print the same Image in many locations of your Document, but you cannot use different Images in the same Document. Check the dedicated guide to know more about Image.


Each Field of type seal can also have a optional reason. This reason is a string of text displayed with the signature certificate (it holds no legal value in itself). It defaults to "Signed by Yousign" if you don't provide any value.

Fields of type read_only_text


Fields of type read_only_text are used to print text on your document at the time of Sealing. This text, provided with the text attribute, can typically be used for adding mentions next to the visual of the Seal (e.g., date of the seal, internal reference...). You can add many text Fields (e.g. one above and one below each Seal Image). You can also use such fields without a visual Seal Image.