Plug & Play use cases

Description of the covered use cases by the Salesforce toolbox.

In this toolbox we provide you with flows, a document, code samples and a robust base for the Yousign API integration in Salesforce.

The goal of this page is to tell you what are those examples and where can they be found so you can customize them if needed.

FunctionalityDescriptionMetadata TypeMetadata Name
Send signature requestYou probably tried this one in the Try it yourself part of the guide. It allows you to send a signature request to yourself.Flow[YS] Send Signature Request
Document templateA Visualforce page giving an example of how Smart Anchors work.Visualforce PageYS_FakeDocumentEn
Visualforce to PDFAn apex class invokable from flows that allows you to transform a Visualforce Page to a PDF document.Apex ClassYS_INVOCABLE_VisualForceToPDF
Download signed documentA call to action button that allows you to retrieve a signed document from Yousign.Flow[YS] Download Signed Document
Send a manual reminderSend a manual reminder to the current Signer.Flow[YS] Send Manual Reminder
Manage Yousign notificationsYousign notifies Salesforce via webhooks when something happens on Yousign side. We then update records in Salesforce (or create tasks to inform that user consulted the document).Flow[YS] Event Management
OAS integrationWe integrated the Yousign API OAS (specifications and structures of all API endpoints).
This makes it really easy to call them with REST call actions in flows (see flows above for more details).
External ServiceYS


This list is not exhaustive

To have a more complete overview of the technical functionalities and inner gears, please consult the technical documentation.


OAS Version

The OAS used in the toolbox is the latest available on May 2024. There might be a more recent one available with a more features but you can keep using the given one with no trouble. Update it at your own discretion.