Signer Fields

Six signers fields can be added to your Document :

  • the Signature Field
  • the Mention Field
  • the Text Field
  • the Checkbox Field
  • the Initials
  • the Radio Buttons Field


Fields represent inputs from the Signers on the Documents. The most common Field Type is a signature Field but you can also ask for Text Fields, Mention Fields or checkbox Fields.

These inputs are apposed on the PDF Documents that you add to your Signature Request. Therefore, you need to provide their coordinates & the page index to determine their position.

Signature Field

This is the most common Field Type. It will represent the visible signature on a document and gives it the nature of "signable_document".


By default, Signers cannot "draw" their signature. Instead, we pre-fill the content of the signature with their name to facilitate their user experience.

If you want to let them the ability to draw their signature anyway you can enable this feature in the Signature Settings. It will be activated for all your Signature Requests.


Keep in mind that the visible signature Field on the documents is not the actual cryptographic signature which is embedded in the document anyway when it is signed.

Mention Field

Mention Fields are dynamic mentions that you can add to a document. If you do not provide the width attribute we will compute the width automatically base on the mentioned length attribute.

You can use dynamic tags when creating the mentions:

  • %date% will display the current date when the Signer signs the Signature Request (eg. "24-03-2022")
  • %datetime% will display the current date and time when the Signer signs the Signature Request (eg. "24-03-2022 10:30 UTC+0")

Text Field

Text Fields are Text Inputs that are going to be filled by the Signer. These inputs will be used to dynamically add text to your documents.

You will also be able to access these answers once the Signer has completed its Signature through the API or within the Webhooks payloads.

Multi-line Text Fields are available by using the height parameter.

Checkbox Fields

Checkbox Fields are Checkbox Inputs that are going to be filled by the Signer.

These Checkboxes will be dynamically added to your documents.


When you upload your document, you can choose the alignment and position of the area that will contain the initials on the document. If you add several signers, they will each have their initials written on the document. You can choose their alignment and position on the document when uploading your document.

Radio button Fields

The Radio Button fields are a group of minimum 2 buttons and maximum 20 buttons that are going to be filled by the Signer. When one button is selected, the others are automatically unselected.