Follow the Signature Request status

The status of a Signature Request helps to know the stage where the Signature Request is.

If you want to know what is the status of a Signature Request, two options are offered:

  • Use webhooks to monitor the Signature Request status changes
  • Fetch the Signature Request status using an API call

Use Webhooks to monitor the Signature Request status changes

This is the best option to monitor the status as you can be alerted as soon as an event occurs about the Signature Request. This mechanism is detailed in this dedicated section.

You can be notified of a status change by listening on these events :

signature_request.activatedA Signature Request has been activated (status went from draft to ongoing)
signature_request.doneA Signature Request has been completed, all the Signers have signed
signature_request.expiredA Signature Request has expired
signature_request.declinedA specific Signer has declined to sign the Signature Request
signature_request.reminder_executedAn automatic reminder has been sent
signature_request.approvedA Signature Request has been approved by all the requested Approvers

Fetch the Signature Request status using an API call

GET /signature_requests/{signatureRequestId}

With this API call, you can get all the information regarding a specific Signature Request so you can get the Signature Request status in the response status property.

However, it shouldn't be used on a regular basis since it uses API calls from your quota. More details about the rate-limiting policy can be found here.

    "id": "e15dcdf2-f631-4700-99c6-d436dc6ecb3b",
    "source": "public_api",
    "status": "draft",
    "name": "The name of your Signature Request",
    "created_at": "2022-10-04T13:50:10+00:00",
    "email_custom_note": null,
    "ordered_signers": false,
    "timezone": "Europe/Paris",
    "reminder_settings": null,
    "expiration_date": "2023-04-04T21:59:00+00:00",
    "delivery_mode": "email",
    "documents": [
            "id": "e060f96c-e1a0-4857-88cf-17f548f75baf",
            "nature": "signable_document"
    "signers": [
            "id": "ec86f3f7-a362-4eff-bcbe-8b1555d49c1a",
            "status": "initiated"
    "external_id": null,
    "custom_experience_id": null,
    "sender": null

The different Signature Request's status

You can find more information on the dedicated page