Choose the signature level

Yousign offers several signature levels in compliance with the eIDAS requirements and the law in European countries, for all your documents.

Each signature level offers additional security and legal weight to ensure optimal risk management.

There are three different levels of eSignature:

  • Simple eSignature, useful for online signatures for your daily work
  • Advanced eSignature, to secure signatures for your sensitive documents
  • Qualified eSignature, which is the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature

Different status for these signature requests exists according to their state of completion. Find more details in the dedicated page.

Define my signature level:

The signature level is specified at the signer's level. The signature level must be set in the signature_level property in the signer payload. All Signers must have the same signature level.

Level of signaturesignature_level value
Simple eSignatureelectronic_signature
Advanced eSignatureadvanced_electronic_signature
Qualified eSignaturequalified_electronic_signature_mode_1