Radio buttons return selected values in Webhook

Radio buttons are a useful and easy way to present a set of options to Signers and allow them to select one choice.

Today, we are introducing mechanisms that enable easy retrieval of selected options, if any. This will help you to build custom integration and behavior based on the Signer choice.

Radio and Radio Group now have name property

When adding Signer with a Radio Group Field, you can optionally set name in radiogroup and radio to better identify your Fields.

Manual Creation

In Signer's creation payload

A code sample can also be found in the Radio Button Field Guide

Smart Anchor creation

Here is the new syntax for Radio Group Smart Anchor. All details can be found in our documentation
{{s1|radio|28|group_name|t|radio_name_1}} {{s1|radio|28|group_name|t|radio_name_2}}

Returned payload

Those values are also returned in Signer's Field payloads

Radio names and values are now returned in the webhook payload

When returning radio data in a Webhook call, it now also contains name and checked in Signer's payload

This payload can also be found in signature_request , signer , and approver webhook Events, under signers > answers.